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5 secrets to make an attractive CV

Hi guys Welcome to Clever Shakes. I’m Sara and this video I'm gonna teach you how to create your CV in Canva. Also I'm gonna tell you 5 secrets to build your CV in an attractive way.


1step: Open the browser and type, sign up with google or Facebook.

2step: Go to the left side and click on “create a design”. Scroll down and click on the “Resume” option.

3step: Now you can see your worksheet, on the left there is all the options to create your resume or CV. Below the search bar there are some templates to design your CV. If you want to create from a template it's fine, just click in the options fits better for your interest. I prefer colorful template, because I'm a content creator, so my field is creative, but it depends on your interestings and your needs.

4step: Click on the photo and change for yours. You upload your picture, go to the toolbar on the left and click on the “uploads” option and click on “upload an image or video” then select your picture.

5 step: start to change the information, put yours. Fill out all the spots with your information. Be careful in this step.

6 step: Yay! you have all your information done. Now, start to change the design, change the colors for the colors better match with your profile, and add some stickers if you want, or change the font for your favorite one, remember it's a cv you should be minimalist and professional. Change the background color….

7 step: Now we got our CV / resume!! Yay! It's time to save in PDF format. Go to the above right and click in the arrow. Now clic in the download like a PFD. and select where you want to download it on your computer. That's it. Now you made your CV. I'm so proud of you.

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For get better results apply this to your CV:

-Choose the colors better represent your personality and your career, for example: if you are a doctor, put colors like blue, purple or aqua, with white and grey, these kinds of colors make the impression your services are clean, healthy and safe.

- Put all the job you made before, you need the employer to see you as a proactive and responsible person.

- Take a good quality picture without a background or cut the background and paste a white picture behind your face.

Shake your mind and be clever

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