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How boost your personal growth up in 7 steps

Hi guys!

Its Sara from CleverShakes. I hope you are doing awesome!!! I want to share with you guys this checklist to boost up the personal growth…


Over the time I was trying to boost my personal growth I didn't know…. Confused… trying some things but didn't work… I was in a desperate situation ( graaaawwww) fuck…. Peee.

So always I was doing the same and I wasn’t aware about why didnt work all my hard work… I was trying to change everything outside and not insight ( duh) … but the life start to show me these kind of situations and in the time I decided to do it as much I can…. Every choice has to match with these steps.

this checklist to put in my mind like a filter with goals and everything I want it… I do this to keep on track and be better than before every day… ( yay)

So let's check out...

#1 Learn all the time

We are born to learn… In ( how to be confident) I talk about every day is a new opportunity to be better and change what we don't like from yourself… WE BORN TO LEARN…..

Every situation or people in our life teach us something…. Can be in a good way or a bad way. Its depend how we catch the information and our feelings in that moment…. Filter always when something happen what I can learn here… Dont get stuck…. Keep going and question yourself WHAT THIS PERSON OR SITUATION IS TEACHING TO ME…. you are learning not because the other person is wrong …. ( is not your bussiness) your bussiness is face yourself and change the attitud to act better in other situation….

#2 Also. Improve your passion ( skills)

What is the hoobie moves you… what you do and the time flies… ( im like a bird…. flyyyyy)

Practice and read about this topic…. In this way you can be aware about yourself and feel special with something… Reading books, watching youtube videos and talk with people about your passion, go to the library, pay online courses ... ( actually you don't need money, just your time and disposition) .. Be open to learn and practice how much you can!! (Move your ass.. ) be the best one… For example, I love to make videos, social media, consumer behavior, design, personal growth so everything I do in my free time is for improve my skills by my passions

( Btw Im making a new playlist with tutorials to teach how to build branding to your passions)

#3 service…. Help people with your skills

You should to volunteer is good with your self esteem and everybody wins ( thats the meaning of life, we are humans, we are a bunch of small creatures who we are part of the same planet living our lives, together we shape this mystery thing that we called life)

So, always help… the people needs you… teach them how to do something or explain ...dont give everything the people should make an effort to get it.( don't be lazy , we just gonna teach you)

People who volunteered monthly were 7% more likely to be happy.

4# Travel as much you can

Always find a way to go to a new place… Be in the comfort zone doesn't let you learn from the difference ( don't be a clone you are unique),.... The universe is infinite, so we have everything to explore…. Every culture, every part of the world we have different habits and expressions to life. (Take the risk and go abroad… life for a short or long time with people different than you)… you gonna discover yourself and be tolerant with people. You gonna appreciate everything and know very well what do you want in life.

I was an au pair for two years in another country and that changed my perspective a lot… ( Being as a baby in a new place is a challenge in the beginning but you gonna be more humble, unique and creative) being flexible you gonna win all the time.

#5 Start to create- give the world something new

With our passion and skills we can start to create new things to give to the world… we are creators and the world needs our unique essence to be better. ( don't wait to people create for you, stand up bitch) So inspire people, let yourself be inspired…

Tik tok is a new random social media where you can start to express yourself and get inspired… everybody is uploading videos that is a kind of thought about trends or situation… check it out ( is just an example… but you can create everything you want) follow me to get inspired ( clevershakes) ( phone mockup) showing how to use).

6# Health is first

Our body is our temple…. Is the instrument to our life…

So we should take care about it ( don't be lazy with yourself) is not to be a supermodel or reach the standard beauty ( awww i want to be the most beautiful because i don't have personality and i wanna be popular) . In my humble opinion…. I try to be healthy and enjoy the life… be balance… have a good diet…, being aware about the food I eat what consequences this give to my body) ( and workout my brain reading and my body with some routines) ( this helps with our quality of life, more defense, balance emotions and a happier life). ( don't waste your time complacing yourself all the time, be your own guardian, put rules and restrictions in your life))

#7 Be honest

Honest with yourself and people around you….

If you are honest you build confidence… when you build confidence you create networks or relationships ( if you are liying you build a fake life) …. We are a social animals we depend from others… but also we depend from our self, we need to create an honest relationship with us.,... ask yourself everything happens with you, (don't do want you dont want and try to make you happy all the time…). Before making a choice . ask yourself ( this match with my goals and with my happiness and why)

I was a very liar before… and I just got a bad relationship with my boss, Ex boyfriend, friends and myself … ( don't be a liar… you gonna feel miserable)

#8 make sacrifice to yourself

When we are born or when we are kids we depend 100% from our parents or guiard . they try to make everything for we survive and improve all the time. When we grow up we start to be aware and we should take care about our life… ( don't be a kid all your life… you gonna be a weak person ) In life we have to challenge yourself to be better and this bring us sacrifice…. Make things that gonna make us feel uncomfortable but gonna help us to reach a goal. ( life is a balance to satisfaction and sacrifice) Ask yourself in what moment you should to sacrifice or get pleasure… ( no gain no pain tho)

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