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How to build a brand during quarentine


Sara: Hi guys, Welcome to CleverShakes, I’m Sara and in this video I have this great marketer as my guest, The trigger Man Felipe.

Felipe: And I’m Felipe from Clever Triggers.

Both: And now we will tell you how to brand yourself during coronavirus quarantine.

Sara: We know that the actual situation about the coronavirus is affecting everyone around the world. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, you have to stay at your home to save the world. So felipe gonna give us his functional plan to build a brand in quarantine.

Felipe: So, I invited you to be at home, you can have more time to work on your own projects, or why not, create your own brand to share your knowledge, hobbies or talents in a professional way.

Sara: How is working for you the plan?

Felipe: Great….

Stp 1

Write down your qualities, values and skills.

2. Think in your style… how you want the people to see you. We created a template for you… you can download it in the link of the description. Let's

make a mood BOARD.

3. Brainstorm your brand name. Do a brainstorm about the name … you can start from the paper you wrote down your values and skills…. Start for it.

4. Create your logo.. You already have your name and your mood board.. You can connect all the steps you did in the mood board template. Be creative, let you go with this design.

5. Choose your target. Look up who needs you, in a digital way, who you can help with your skills and those people are your niche, your target.

6. . And then create a channel to communicate with them. Can be iNSTAGRAM bLOG, Fb or the social media your target use,

If you want to know deeper about his podcast you can get the link below in the description. And do the quarantine with him. All the quarantine creating a brand.

If you like this video thumbs up… Felipe Shake your mind. Sara Be Clever

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