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How to create a logo in 7 steps

Hi guys Welcome to Clever Shakes. I’m Sara and this video I'm gonna teach you How to create a logo in 7 steps. Also I'm gonna tell you 5 secrets to build your CV in an attractive way.


Some recommendations:

  1. Read the description and check out, These gonna help you to get better results.

  2. Read the first article in the description this gonna help you to know the different kinds of logos exist and choose one.

  3. Choose a font that is easy to read

  4. Be minimalistic, Less is more.

1step: Open the browser and type You can get the link in the description too. Now when you arrive at the website sign up with google or Facebook. You can get the link in the description too.

2step: Now we are in the dashboard. Here we can find different options to create a design. In this case we're gonna create a logo. Go to the left side, clic in create a logo. Start to scroll down until the option logo and click it.

3step: We have now our worksheet and in the left the tools to create our logo. We have template, photos, elements, text, videos, background and Uploads. There are two more but we don’t need it. Choose the template that you prefer and fits with your colors and name.

4step: Start to re design the template. On the left you can change the colors of the elements. If you want you can add elements, shapes, charts, objects, be creative but remember to be simple and minimalist. Also you can change the fonts in the description is an article about fonts and you can get inspired by.

5 step: Use a BLANK background to your logo and also, Remember use a color and fonts that are easy to read, remember.

6 step: Now you have your logo... YAY. Now before saving, go above to the sheetwork and clic in the plus two times and you're gonna add two more copies about your logo, these are to make the white version and black version, is always necessary. ( if you or the original logo is black or white just make one in white or black).

7 step: Now you got your 3 version: Colorful, white and black. Is time to save it. Lets go to the right side and click in download. I recommend it to you when you create the white logo and put the background black and vice versa. .

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