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How to cut the background on Photoshop

Hi guys Welcome to Clever Shakes. I’m Sara and in this video I'm gonna teach you How to cut a background on Photoshop in 7 steps. And four tips to get better results. Remember guys below in the description you can get some link that's gonna help you to complement the tutorial.


Some recommendations:

  1. Use high resolution pictures.

  2. Always focus on the tool's hardness and size.

  3. Repeat the step if the results are not what you are waiting for.

  4. Save the picture in PNG format to conserve the transparency in the background.

1step: Open Photoshop.

2step: Go to file and click on Open …. Select the picture and click it.

3step: Now we have our picture. Then we go to the top and click on select and then click on apply mask.

4step: We arrived at a new dashboard. We're gonna focus on the 3 first tools that we have on the left. First we gonna click on use the first one. And we got to the right, we clicked on view mode and we were gonna choose PAPER ONION. And click on smart radio. Start to paint all the objects that you want to keep in the picture.

5 step: Click on select quick- click smart radio. And start to select all the parts of the picture that you want to keep. If you selected the wrong spot go to select and click on inverse.

6 Step: Click on the hand. Click on the smart radio hardness 6% size -> 200. And select the edge of the picture.

7 steps: .Click on the third tool and go to the right and change the view mode to black and white start to point the clear parts on the silhouette. Change the view again.

8 step: Doble click on the lock on the right and select the background and delete click selection and then click inverse to switch the selection and delete the background. NOW WE GOT IT !


9. Click on file and select save how…

Choose the place where you want to save your file and want to save your file and change the type or the document and put PNG.

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