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How to take advantage of your free time during quarantine to be productive

Hello guys, welcome to Clever Shakes, this is Sara and today we will talk about how to take advantage of your free time in quarantine and become productive.

Quarantine is a time of great uncertainty and anguish, you know it can happen the next day, it is constant tedium and sometimes it can get us out of our minds. But it can also be said, from a positivist perspective, that it is a space to connect with ourselves and our closest ones. But what is the most anguish, beyond the virus and the economic chaos, it could be said that nothing else. However, what leads us to the low acceptance and to so many questions about what will happen and when this crisis situation will end.

It could be said that life is made of instants, a whole fabric of events that makes up our entire reality, which together forms a fabric of results of each action we undertake at every moment.

So, if we consider in these times of compulsory leisure, to create new skills to grow as people, maintain hope for the future and focus on the present, it is a positive alternative to change our life and have better quality of instants while it passes the crisis.

For this reason, in this video I come to bring you a guide to help you disperse distress during this quarantine.

Learning a new skill generates daily motivation, discipline, increased income or emotional health, it depends on what you are looking for and want to achieve.

Productivity in free time….

Step 1

Make a list of all the things you have always wanted to do or who you have wanted to become for a long time but you have seen it far from your reach.

It can be a language to learn, a physical skill, make desserts, or skills for your professional field.

Since you have your list, see which option excites you the most and start working for it, if you have more time, either because you are unemployed or you are a student, you can start with the first two.

Step 2

Now that you know what you want to do…. Start looking for alternatives to develop this skill, you need a mentor to guide you on what steps to take to achieve your goal.

Through the internet you can find millions of free online courses, I will leave the link in the description so that you can start searching portals where you can find alternatives or right here on YouTube, there are channels with tutorial videos on how to do it, sign up immediately, don't wait to do it.

Step 3

Now you are very clear that you want to learn and how you want to learn it, that is to say, you already have a methodology. Let's PLAN….

Yes guys, you have to organize all this information in time and space. I recommend planning twice. One for the quarantine time and one for the time when the quarantine ends.

Make a schedule with the days of the week and accommodate a space for this activity, the perfect time is between half an hour and an hour per day. If you do it more you can get exhausted and burn from this activity, but if you do it constantly and in not very long times you will have more stimulation and little frustration.

You can find a template in a link in the description.

Step 4

Now that you have this new project planned, I invite you to make it part of your routine, that you exercise it at the same time daily, in this way your brain will adopt it as a necessary activity to stimulate you. Since the brain works on habits and routines.

Warning ... the first few days will be a little hard, since before this activity was not part of your routine, but after a week, you get used to receiving stimuli from this activity and it will become completely automatic and necessary.

Tip…. when fatigue begins…. Beat him with the most powerful weapon of the human being ... THE FORCE OF WILL. Think about the end goal and how you will feel as you overcome that negative part of yourself.

Step 5

Create small goals for each day and others for the weekend. (make a list of them, once they have been made).

These micro goals can be in the form of time or performance.

For example… .. Focus 100% on that activity during the time you have allbocated and try to give a little more than expected so that you feel much better at the end, In this way generate more happiness (endorphin) at the end of each goal compliance . This will raise your level of happiness and self-confidence.

Paso 6

Se paciente, positivo y perseverante.

Nada se logra por sí solo y de forma inmediata. Piensa que todo en la vida se construye paso por paso, los resultados son un tejido de las pequeñas acciones que damos cada día hacia un objetivo.

Con este pensamiento positivo y realista puedes ver que cada día estás a un paso más cerca de adquirir esta habilidad y mejorarse como personas. Recibes pocas dosis cada día de tu satisfacción personal con que has avanzado de un punto de A un punto B.

Paso 7

No seas perfeccionista.

Nada va a salir perfecto a la primera. Jamás vas a hacer nada perfecto, pero puedes hacer algo mejor y con mayor facilidad cada días. La práctica hace al maestro.

Disfruta el camino y cuando menos pienses habrás llegado a la meta.


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Así que sacude tu cabeza y sé inteligente.

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